OnTrack™ Hosting

Complete Database Hosting Service

Conceived by Database Administrators and Systems Architects, our Solid Cloud is a physical/virtual hybrid environment engineered to support high availability business critical applications.

Our DBA’s are experienced with Oracle – MySQL – SQL Server

Ever wonder where your cloud hosted app really is? Is it backed up?  Who is protecting it?  Is it secure both physically and virtually?  We started The Solid Cloud as a trusted data management and monitoring solutions. We maintain space in top-end data centers where we run the hardware, software, networking, firewalls, intrusion detection, etc.

We ensure your data and applications are secure and backed up and address redundancy at all levels of the equation.  Eagle Datagistics’ works with you up front to understand all of your needs so that we can make sure you get the availability, security, and performance you need out of our environment, without paying for things you don’t need.

Application and database hosting

Oracle hosting and MS SQL Server hosting

Disaster recovery & business continuity

Eagle’s “Solid Cloud” – flexible and scalable environment with dependability of a SaaS/ASP offering.

Run oracle DataGuard to an affordable offsite fail over Oracle-hosted environment

We can set it up, monitor it, sync your apps, etc. If you don’t have oracle DataGuard because you are running oracle SE, SE1, or SE2 we have proven solutions for that too.

Ship logs to off-site data storage

We ensure your hosted fail-over MS SQL Server database is always ready.

Provide offsite storage

Eagle Datagistics’ Cloud solution maintains space in top-end data centers, around the us, where we run the hardware, software, networking, firewalls, intrusion detection, etc.

Contact Us to discuss your needs and find out why our customers speak so highly of their experiences working with our team! Expect us to ask you about your RPO, RTO and IOPs requirements.