Solutions Overview

Database Services Overview

Database Services Overview

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Data Sheets

thumbnail of Oracle Advanced Security 12c DS

Discover how Oracle Advanced Security can help protect your data

White Papers

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 Transforming your IT Management Strategy

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Discover how Oracle’s Database Security can protect PII data

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 How Oracle’s Database Security works in the Cloud

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Discover Oracle’s Protects Patient Information with Database Security

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Overview of Oracle’s Advanced Database Security Options

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Discover how Oracle’s Database Security protects PCI data


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Cost-Benefit Analysis: Managed Service Providers vs Internal IT Staff

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The Database Administrator: Undercover Security Superhero

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 Simplify Your Environment with ODA

Securing information in the new digital economy

Case Studies

Software Environment Re-Architecture Solution

An International Steel Manufacturer Re-Architects its Oracle Software

thumbnail of Managed Hosting Case Study

A Claims Processing Company Ensures Data Security with a Managed Hosting Solution

thumbnail of CraftTek Case Study – Project Management

Project Management aids in Software Development Project